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by BPD Team on January 11, 2012

Games on Android Market The chances are that if you are a proud owner of an Android Mobile phone, you might have played the famous Angry birds or even that Labyrinth Android game. However, no matter how good these games might be, the universe of the Android games is a whole lot larger than 2 games (seriously).

So, we at Best Phone Deals have scoured the Android market along losing our sleep, working up all that sweat, blood and guts just to get you this list of the Top 5 Android Games that we think you should have a look at (we are so dedicated, see!) .  The best part is that none of the games will cost you a single cent since that are all free Android games ( unlike Apple users, lol).

So then, cutting to the chase, we present (drum roll please) our list of the Top 5 Best (and free) Android games you can get on your Android Smartphone.  But before you do check them out, we have to warn you that they are SERIOUSLY ADDICTIVE and can turn into time-consuming black holes.

So don’t tell us that we didn’t warn you. Now on to the Good stuff


1 Blood and Glory

       Genre- Arena Fighting

Blood and Glory Android gameThe absence of Blizzard’s Diablo and World of Warcraft legacy from the Android market is missed by violence-hungry gamers all over the world. Blood and Glory is the ideal game for those looking to splash some blood on their Android phones. Developed by Glu Mobile, it involves arena fighting armored opponents. Killing an opponent earns you experience points which advancing further in the game. In addition to this, collecting Glu Credits (also released when an opponent is killed) allows players to upgrade armors, weapons or obtain potions et al. This is one of those Android games that can showcase what your super fast mobile phone can really do.

Our View – Being free, containing killer (literally) graphics along with some pretty cool game play, the Blood and Glory comes out top trumps in our list of the Best Free Android Games you can get. Download it here


2 Greedy Spiders

Genre- Puzzle

Greedy Spiders gamePerhaps the strongest contender to boast the same universal appeal as the now-legendary Angry Birds, Greedy Spiders is a simple puzzle game suitable for all ages. The player’s job is to save bugs from becoming the dinner of hungry spiders. There are 128 levels and 7 types of bugs. The graphics of the game are on the perkier side and a few scenarios may appear too easy. However, as the player advances through various levels and faces harder situations like tackling 3-4 spiders at once, the puzzle becomes very challenging. The best part of Greedy Spiders is that it never feels repetitive even after continuous game play.

 Our Take – Well it might not be as addictive as Angry Birds, but if you like puzzle games, this game is perfect for you. With its distinctive levels, variety and slick game play, we like Greedy Spiders enough to make the number 2 on our list of the Top 5 Android games. Download it here


3 Apparatus

Genre- Science and Tech.

Remember The Incredible Machine? It’s (kind of) back and it’s on your Android phone! Apparatus’ goal is to build a device by incorporating planks, pulleys, cables, loads and batteries for accomplishing a particular task.  Players can create their complex forms by combing the basic elements (planks, pulleys etc.). Created devices can be saved and shared in the paid version. Also, users can create their own levels and then share them with the Apparatus community making the game a comprehensive science project. This game is an engineer’s dream.  That said it is a valuable learning aid for all physics students for the simulation of real-life physics.

 Our Take – If you are a geek or just are the creative kind, this Android game is sure to steal a lot of your hours away as you immerse yourself in a game where you can create almost anything. The Apparatus is a deserving candidate at number 3 on our list of the Best Free Android Games. Download it here


4 Fruit Ninja

Genre- Arcade

Fruit Ninja Android gameMy concession to including the hardcore Apparatus, the next game on our list is the Fruit Ninja. The player uses a touch screen-controlled blade to slice fruits. It makes your fingers extremely dexterous towards your phone’s touch screen; players can slice several fruits at one time by using multiple touches. Once you start, Fruit Ninja becomes very engaging- you must not miss any fruit, all fruits must be perfectly cut; you must beware of bombs and have to lookout for occasional rare fruits like pomegranates which award extra points.

 Our Take – After the super serious Apparatus game, Fruit Ninja appeals with its amazing levels of simplicity as well as the coolness factor associated with slicing those fruits in new ways. Of course, constant slicing does make you look a bit loony to the onlookers who might think you’re cleaning your Smartphone in weird way, but you shouldn’t care anyways. It’s our number 4 on the list of the Top Android Games. Download it here


5. MineCraft

Genre- Sandbox

Mine Craft Android game


If Farmville got you hooked, Mojangs’ Minecraft will too. Although the game has been very popular on PCs, its Android adaptation is relatively new. Players use blocks to create anything they want. By anything, Mojang means ‘anything’. You can build dirt, stones, water, trees and almost everything from the blocks and then place them on a fixed grid. The survival element of the game comes from monsters called mob which can be hunted for crafting materials during the day but must be sheltered from in the night. MineCraft becomes interesting gradually; it may be a little boring in the start when you do not have any items built.

Our View – if you like games like Farmville, then you are sure to get hooked on this too. Sure, it needs quite a bit of creativity and free thinking and the controls aren’t the easiest, but it allows you to build a world of your own from the comfort of your Android. It concludes our list of the Best Android Games you can get for free. Download it here


In the end, we like to clarify that some the Android games we have in our list might struggle to run on the slower variety of android mobile phones and can have some specific hardware requirements that you mobile phone must have in order to use them. All said and done, if you thought that gaming on an Android phone was limited to just Angry Birds, we hope with our list of the best free android games you will think otherwise. Of course, like always we might have missed some really good hidden android gaming gems. In case we did, or you have something to say about this post, do give us a shout in the comments section or on Facebook.

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