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by BPD Team on September 24, 2011

Mobile phone Usage in Australia

We Aussies all love our mobile phones. And in recent past, with the plethora of Smartphones available in Australia at very reasonable prices, Aussies use their phones for a lot more things than just calling.  With Smartphone’s added functionality and processing power, we use our mobile phone more like a computer and a convergence device.

So with so much cool stuff happening around mobile phones nowadays, we at BestPhoneDeals burned midnight oil to bring you a delicious Infographic on Mobile phone Statistics and usage in Australia. Our set of mobile phone statistics paint a very interesting picture on mobile phone usage in Australia and how the advent of Smartphones has changed the way mobile phones are used.

Findings on Mobile Phone Usage in Australia

Yup, our info graphic on mobile phone statistics are pretty drool worthy, but in case you’re feeling a wee bit lazy to check it out, we have included some the key findings below. Read on and you might just discover an interesting fact about mobile phone usage that you never knew about.

Mobile Phone Usage Statistics in  Australia Infographic

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The Mobile Phone Internet Usage in 2011 is double of that in 2010.  We suspect that since the prices of Smartphones have gone down, this might a major reason of this Mobile Phone statistic infographic. Also with mobile phones service providers rolling out faster mobile data networks, people seem to prefer accessing the internet from their mobile phone since the quality of the data connection is almost as good as their regular internet connection.

Mobile Phone Usage in Australia – According to the statistics, 43% of Australians own Smartphones. Also interestingly, 26 % of Australians use Smartphones for Social Networking and 66 % of Social Networking users are below 35 years of age.  Add to this the statistic that Australia is 2nd  in the world for Apple iOS penetration as well as 1/3rd of  Australians use their mobile phones to check email and we can conclude that Aussies are a pretty Smartphone savvy lot.

Almost half of mobile phone users in Australia have an internet enabled mobile phone. However, that might prompt you to ask, what the hell do Aussies do on the Internet on their mobile phones anyway? Check out the mobile phone internet usage split below:

  • Looking for Weather info 64%
  • Looking for Maps 67%
  • Using Social Networking Website 56%
  • Looking for Product and services 50%
  • Checking Sports Results 46%
  • Looking for suppliers 45%
  • Downloading a Mobile App 42%
  • Using Satellite Navigation 40%
  • Downloading Video Content 35%

Which Apps people pay for – we are suckers for free stuff and love freebies. However, generally some great applications for mobile phones have a teensy weensy little price tag attached to it. According to mobile phone statistics, 84% pay for games, 22% pay for Maps, 19% dish out for News and Weather, 16% for Photos, videos & movies as well as 15% for books. Phew, nothing astonishing there as maps, navigation and games seem to be the top choice for Aussies using smart mobile phones (Smartphones).

What are the Mobile Phone Demographics - Mobile Internet seems to be the favourite of the youth of Australia. 60% of mobile internet users fall in the 18-29 age brackets. We think that the coolness associated with social networking as well surfing the net amongst the youth are the reason why the users of mobile phone internet are mainly from the 18-29 age group.

Smartphone Market Share – no surprises here as Apple sits comfy grabbing a 39.5% market share and Android at a challenging 38%. However, the point with is really interesting is that last year, Android’s Market Share in 2010 was at only a mere 8%. So Android has skyrocketed from 8% in 2010 to 38% in 2011 whereas Apple has gone from 23% in 2010 to 39.5% in 2011. Guess Android is catching up really fast and might just beat Apple soon. Weather that happens or not, only time will tell.


Well that’s a bird’s eye view of mobile phone statistics in Australia which covers how people use their mobile phones and the rise of mobile internet usage as well. In the end, a few key things we can conclude are:

  1. Smartphone usage as well as penetration numbers are impressive and show signs of becoming even more popular
  2. Android’s skyrocketing growth is set to give Apple a number of heart aches
  3. Mobile phone internet’s growth spells good news for mobile phone service providers

We’ve had a ton of fun (and a few late nights, blood sweat & tears putting together this awesome infographic (eer we think so…) on mobile phone statistics in Australia and hope you have great fun reading it too. If you like what you see, spread the word around, embed it in your site (do attribute the source as bestphonedeals.com.au), download the infographic, or even like us on facebook. If you have your own opinions about this post, sound off in our comments box.  Also, keep checking out our blog regularly since there’s more awesomeness in store in the form of sweet blog posts, news and other cool stuff.

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