What your next Mobile OS update brings to your Smart phone ?

by BPD Team on September 20, 2011

Because of the surge in the number of smartphone users in recent times, various Mobile companies are vying desperately for market dominance. One of the major factors that affect the popularity of an OS is the rate at which it is updated. It is a known fact that people have a penchant for mobile operating systems which are regularly updated to keep up with the ever improving benchmark of excellence.
This post will tell you what to expect from the next update of your mobile OS.

Apple’s iOS 4.3

apple iphoneCurrently perched at the epitome of the smartphone world, Apple has announced major improvements for its highly successful mobile OS. The Apple ios 4.3 release date is around September and one of the major attractions of the Apple iOS 4.3 release is the notification center. The notification center is designed to notify you of messages or other notifications without interrupting what you were doing. Notifications appear for a brief duration, and you can swipe down the screen from within any application to access the notification center. Also, you will get notified even if the lock screen is active.
Another major addition is iMessage, which in all essence offers you Blackberry messenger like capabilities. It enables you to stay in touch with other Apple product users via a messenger, which uses Wi-Fi or 3G to connect. Another welcome improvement to the iOS is the ability to launch the camera app right from the lock screen. Also, you now use the volume buttons for clicking photos.
Other improvements in Apple’s iOS 4.3 features set include improved Twitter integration, browser betterments, News stand, Reminders, and the ability to use your iOS device by connecting to the cloud itself, even without having to connect it to a PC. For a walkaround of the new Apple iOS 4.3 check out this video

Windows Phone 7 Mango

Windows 7 Mobile PhoneOne of the most awaited and hyped mobile OS update is the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update. The strongest point of the Windows 7.5 Mango update is the speech recognition technology, which is far ahead than all of its competitors. Apart from that, this update brings around 500 new improvements to Windows phones including multi-tasking, enhanced Twitter incorporation, improved Internet Explorer etc.

After the Mango update, Windows phone users will be able to sync their Twitter and LinkedIn contacts, along with Facebook and Gmail. The Windows 7.5 Mango update will also enable you to place your contacts groups on tiles on the home screen. This will aid in removing home screen clutter and increasing the overall usability of the phone. The update also offers better integration with the Microsoft search engine, Bing. You can use Bing to make a visual search, voice search, music search, or a local search. The local search has been termed Local Scout and is quite helpful for fishing out restaurants, hotels, etc. in the vicinity.
Another major improvement introduced by Windows 7.5 Mango is the new and more useful inboxes that streamline email messages from different accounts into a single inbox. The display is in a conversation mode, which helps you keep track of the actual conversation that took place by showing all related messages together.
There around 500 other tweaks and improvements that Windows 7.5 Mango is going to bring to your Windows phone, making it one of the most awaited updates this year. Check out the video walk through right here 

Symbian Anna

Nokia N9 Mobile PhoneThe Anna update attempts to revitalize the dying Symbian breed of mobile OS. This update is available for Nokia N8, and most of Nokia’s latest phone releases come with the Symbian Anna OS. For N8, Anna offers a host of camera improvements, including toolbar shortcuts, better red eye implementation, use of autofocus in video mode, ability to manually adjust the exposure, and much more.
Other improvements include performance enhancements, improved and feature packed tabbed browser, redesigned icons, and a flat onscreen QWERTY keyboard which is easier to work with. For more on what this buzz is about , check out the Nokia video where you get a glimpse on what to expect.

Android Honeycomb

The latest version of Android is particularly aimed at the tablet market. This update fetches smoother navigation, superior multitasking, performance enhancements in native applications, widgets whose dimension is alterable, and most importantly support for peripheral game pads, keyboards, as well as pointing devices. Also incorporated in Honeycomb is the Google Maps 5, with 3D experience and revamped widgets, to intensify your experience. If you have an Android tablet PC, then this is “THE” Update you would want. Have a look at what it looks like here.

BlackBerry OS 7.0

Blackberry was taken a beating from the newer rivals from the Android as well as iOS camp. But BlackBerry with its latest OS version BlackBerry 7.0 aims to take the competition head on. The most recent version of BlackBerry OS 7.0 gets on well with enterprise and mainstream users by focusing mainly on speed boost. Also, offered is an additionally good-looking and refined interface, a speedier browser, voice search, and most notably, Blackberry Balance, which lets you to keep your and professional content apart on a device. Documents To Go is now free of cost and comes as a fully functional, pre-installed application on your phone.
Apart from these, numerous other interface tweaks are sure to enhance your BlackBerry experience multiple times. If you’re psyched up on what BlackBerry 7 looks like in the flesh, check out this video

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