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Enhanced Features

You can also opt to receive enhanced services for your home phone (but you will need to pay extra charges to receive these services) such as:

Call Control

Call Control is a security feature for your home phone service that allows you to restrict certain types of outgoing calls.

Calling Number Display

Calling Number Display is an optional enhanced service that can be used on your home phone and is available on compatible phones in most areas throughout Australia.

Silent Number

Silent Number allows you to automatically block your caller identity when calling other parties and does not list your home phone number in the White Pages. Silent Number allows you to have increased privacy and security by not having your home phone number listed in the White Pages.

Multiple Number

Multiple Number allows you to have a second phone number attached to your existing phone line.

Message Bank

Message bank allows callers to leave a message if a call is not answered.

Phone Fax

Phone Fax allows you to have 2 numbers connected to the same home phone service - one number for voice calls, the other for faxes.

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