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Dodo Home Phone Plans

Provider & Plan Name Line rental~
(24 months contract)
Line rental
(No contract)
Included Call Value National Calls^ Mobile Calls^ Local Calls Connection Fee

Total price : $717.60 with ADSL service or post-paid mobile wireless (over 24 months)
Total price : $32.90 (No contract)
0 Calls to landlines :
25c /minute
National Call cap :
$1.95 for 2 hours
National Mobile calls :
33c /minute (to all networks)
Mobile Call cap :
$1.95 for 10 mins (anytime)
(Doesn't apply to local calls)
Buy Now
Or Call
1800 460 938

Total price : $1197.60 with ADSL service or post-paid mobile wireless (over 24 months)
Total price : $54.90 (No contract)
Unlimited Local, National & Mobile (excl. 13/1300) Buy Now
Or Call
1800 460 938

~ Hover over the monthly price to see total price over the life of the contract. Discounted monthly only applies when on 24 month. Minimum cost is exclusive of excess call charges
^Timed calls incur a 35c flagfall and are billed per minute.
#Bonus $50 call value to be used within 3 months (Local (excluding 13/1300), National, Mobile and International calls only)

Some important things you should know about the home phone line rental plans:

*For Terms and Conditions please click on the Terms & conditions link at the bottom of the page.

Want a Brand New Home Phone Connection? new

Case 1- You have just moved to a new apartment or house
Case 2 - There is an existing phone line at your house, which has been disconnected

In both the above cases, you will need to reconnect the phone line.

Please select a home phone plan from above and then call 1800 460 938 & we will help you get a new home phone number connected or you can send us your details via our online enquiry form. & we will contact you to set up your new home phone connection.

A one-off charge of between $59 & $299 will apply to connect your new home phone line. This fee is charged by Telstra and we are simply passing on the charge to the customer. The majority of phone connections (about 75%) are only charged $59 as no Telstra technician is required to visit the premises.

Do you already have a phone connection? Phone

If you already have a phone connection & you would just like to transfer your phone line rental across to one of our fantastic home phone plans. Please select one of our home phone plans from below and then contact us via our online enquiry form or call us on 1800 460 938 .

We don't charge you any money to transfer your phone service to us, i.e. it is FREE to transfer your home phone service. In fact we will contact your current service provider to start the transfer process. You don't even need to contact them.

You still keep your same home phone number & there is no disruption to your phone service, i.e. you can keep using your phone as you normally do without any interruption to your home phone service.

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