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Are you sick of telemarketing calls on your home phone

Picture this, you are about to have dinner & the phone rings. You rush to the phone only to find a stranger trying to sell you something. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? It happens all the time in households across Australia. Sometimes you can get a number of such phone calls during the week which can be extremely annoying!

Did you know most telemarketing agencies get your contact details from 2 different sources:
a. Using the phone book to locate your details
b. Purchasing lists from third parties

I am going to share 3 strategies which will help you in reducing annoying phone calls to your home dramatically.

1. Most people don't know this but you can pay your local phone company a small fee to make sure your phone number is not listed in the phone directory. This feature is called a "Silent Number", and this will help you reduce telemarketing calls. In Australia most phone companies charge $2.93 per month to remove your name from the White Pages (i.e. the local phone directory).

2. List your name in the "Do not call register" - This is a very effective way of minimizing the number of phone calls you receive. You can list your Australian home phone number on the Do Not Call Register, provided the number is not used for commercial purposes. The website where you can register your details is . This will not stop all telemarketing calls to your number because charities, non-profit organizations & market researchers operating in public interest are exempt from this. After registering your details on this website it takes approximately 30 days for the calls to start reducing.

3. Be selective on who you give your phone number and contact details to. For example, don't enter competitions which require you to give your personal details in return for entering a prize draw. Only do this if you feel you can trust the company & they have a privacy policy in place which states that they will not share your data with third parties.

I hope you will find that by using the above 3 strategies the number of telemarketing calls to your house will decrease dramatically.

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